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Night People and the Green-lipped Mussel

18 Sep

There’s a “maintenance medicine” that women who have gone through breast cancer treatments are prescribed if their breast tumors are “estrogen receptive,” which means encouraged by the presence of estrogen. The medication knocks out any remaining estrogen that happens to be in the body, hopefully eliminating the hormone that encourages that specific type of breast cancer to thrive.

There are several of these medicines on the market & patients are prescribed whichever one best suits their medical needs & breast cancer history. Originally, these medications were considered useful in the prevention of breast tumor recurrences when taken for 5 years following treatment, but the most recent studies show they continue to be useful when taken for a full 10 years following treatment.

These medications, called aromatase inhibitors are very effective but come with a list of side effects the length of a football field. I KNOW this because I’ve been taking one of these medicines for the past 8 years. On the one hand I am fortunate to only have 5 or 6 of those side effects. It seems like a small price to pay to ward off the possibility of breast cancer rearing its ugly head again. Unfortunately, one of the side effects that I confront daily … well, nightly, is insomnia.

I wrote a blog entry a while ago about being awake all night & searching out anything that will help me sleep or at the very least, entertain me. At 3 a.m., television is about the only resource available unless I want to get out of bed & eliminate ANY hope of falling asleep. So I’ve watched every infomercial that clogs up the TV airwaves in the wee wee hours of the night & early morning & can tell you which non-stick pan will give you the best roast in town on a Sunday afternoon. Plus, that roast will slide out of the pan, leaving nary a trace of onion, potato or grease from the meat. I can tell you what exercise equipment to purchase that will keep the fat off your arms & the rippled skin off your butt. I can tell you about every living bra, miracle bra & figure enhancing bra on the market & I can tell you how to avoid the heartbreak of belly bulge AND psoriasis. While I have all this unexpected knowledge & can’t say I haven’t been entertained, I STILL have insomnia.

Lately I’ve been running into the same, repeating infomercial night after night after night … after night. It comes on right after ABC’s Nightline, which I enjoy, & never wavers in the message, content or the enthusiasm of the infomercial’s host. I’m going to refrain from mentioning the name of the product. That’s not important & if it is to someone who is reading this, you can catch it night after night after night immediately following Nightline.

The product is a fish oil-type of supplement that is so different from similar products on the market that you will not get those annoying fishy-tasting after-burps that come along with regular fish oil products. And … here’s the amazing part … it eliminates arthritis, gout, general pain, heart disease, night sweats, unsightly warts & veins, & even cancer because it wipes out inflammation & inflammation is the number one cause of all the medical ills in this world … & then some. So I ask myself, if this one non-fishy fish oil product can do all that AND eliminate cancer, why isn’t that all over the media as the number one topic of BREAKING NEWS the world over? If I can find it on a repeating infomercial & it is truly a cure-all miracle supplement for nearly everything that afflicts us as humans, why haven’t I heard of it during prime time daytime???

Leaving you to ponder that question as I have, I’m moving on to tell you the source of this miracle drug. The source is the … are you ready? … green-lipped mussel. And this green-lipped sea creature is found in the far away waters of New Zeeland. This means we can’t snatch up the kids or grandkids & go for an afternoon of fishing for a green-lipped creature that can cure cancer. Instead we have to book a flight or cruise to that area half a planet away & obtain or update our passport looking for a sea creature that can cure nearly every ailment known to man from fleas to tumors but not known to the medical community OR the press. WOW!

So moving right along again, my sleep-deprived brain wants to know how is the green-lipped mussel identified … should I ever find myself scuba diving off the coast of New Zealand on a lazy Sunday afternoon? I assume those on the quest for the mussels know where to look & don’t go haphazardly fumbling around from body of water to body of water. So I’m also assuming there is a map or at least an urban legend for locating the mussel, but is it lying around on the ocean floor with other species or does it occupy it’s very own, specific space untouched in the delicate balance of nature by other creatures of the sea?

The mind boggles ………….

Now here is the big question that makes me crazy. Assuming that these mussels are actually harvested by divers instead of boats with nets, how do the divers KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that the mussels they harvest are the proper ones for making the miracle fish oil product without specifically checking the lips of each & every mussel to make sure they are green? And how on Earth do you go about checking (or even finding) mussel lips? My mind is reeling & now maybe yours is, too. And I wonder why their lips are green? Is it some kind of oxygen deprivation or is it just a bad make-up choice? Where is a cosmologist … or is that cosmetician … when you need one?????

This whole train of thought has worn me out (in combination with the insomnia) so please do me a favor. If David Muir comes on the ABC Nightly News at 6 O’clock with BREAKING NEWS that answers all my well thought out questions, please call me. I’m going to take a nap …

Green-lipped mussel, native to NZ