The Secret Life of Pets

6 Nov

Our club just spent two days doing a promotional thing at a new theater that opened locally & held its Grand Opening this weekend. One of the movies showing there was the latest Star Trek film, Star Trek: BEYOND. We appeared in Star Trek costumes, had an eye-catching display & signed up 14 people who were very interested in us & want to receive our newsletter. It was a productive weekend.

On Friday we were at the theater from 11:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. Our members worked in shifts for the 4 Star Trek movie showings during the Grand Opening day. Being the club president & vice president has its perks but also has its pitfalls, one of which was staying with the display the full 8 hours we were at the theater. My husband, Willy is our Second Officer & stayed the course with us because of his position but also because of being married to the club president. He said, “I’m married to you so I am here by default.” Regardless, I’m pretty sure he had a good time.

Most of us enjoy interacting with the public; telling them about our good works within the community & attempting to interest them in membership with our club. It’s one of the things we do best but I have to admit that 8 straight hours of that on Friday wore us out, plus returning on Saturday to pick up where we left off.

Sometime during that first day there was a popcorn machine malfunction, the air filled with smoke & we all came home smelling like burnt popcorn.  It was in our clothes, in our hair & in the items we had on display. We may NEVER eat popcorn again.

But it was all just part of those 2 days this weekend.

So at the end of Saturday … Day 2 … one of our friends suggested that those of us who were there go see a movie. After we beamed the last wave of Star Trek fans into the dark recesses of Theater 3, we took down our display, bought our tickets & … believe it or not … popcorn, & we went to see our movie.

You might expect that we went to see Star Trek: BEYOND. Someone actually commented, as we were beaming into our own dark theater, that we must be going to see the Star Trek movie. Our friend, Glenda replied, “Nope. We’ve seen it.” And of course we had … several times.

The movie we unanimously decided to see after many hours working in the lobby of the theater promoting our club, the movie & the theater ( my vice president commented that the past 2 days had seemed more like a JOB) was The Secret Life of Pets. It just seemed appropriate somehow. Among the 6 of us we collectively share our lives with 8 cats & 1 very loveable boxer. It mattered not a whit that it was a children’s animated film & that we were way taller … & more mature … than the general population of the audience entering the theater with us.

I sort of rationalize our movie choice this way … we’re all animal lovers. We all share our lives with pets. We have spent WAY too much time recently being bombarded with politics … & not just tedious election year politics but some VERY STRANGE election year politics. We’ve grown weary of it. We needed a fairly drastic change & an animated children’s movie about pets just seemed to be what would fill that need. A SPECIAL “thank you” to Beth for suggesting it.

Sometimes you just need to get away; to step out of whatever zone we revolve in & take a less strenuous swing at life. So we did.

The 6 of us, loaded down with popcorn, drinks & tacos took up almost an entire theater row. We watched the “Previews of Coming Attractions,” which were all animated children’s movies, under the watchful & curious eyes of the parents who were there with their children. Perhaps they found us, well, unusual if not downright suspicious; 6 adults loaded down with food, attending a children’s movie while wearing Star Trek costumes. I believe I saw several parents pull their toddlers closer to them as we sat down.

The Secret Life of Pets was a relaxing 90 minute romp into the world of fantasy & a glimpse of what our own pets just MIGHT be doing while left alone in our homes many hours during the day.

Mainly, the movie was funny. We laughed & laughed; deep belly laughs that go along with enjoying something fun with very special friends; an unspoken appreciation & acknowledgement of the moment.

The thing about our laughing that soon became apparent was that WE were the ONLY people in the theater doing that as loud & with so much gusto. Several times our row of 6 was the ONLY row laughing at all … & that was very special to us but may have seemed peculiar to the parents sharing the theater with us.  Kenny said later that he didn’t care & Beth said that made it even MORE fun … regardless of those frequently more suspicious looks coming from parents seated with their kids very close around us.

The end of the movie was touching. I love a movie that ends right & apparently so does Glenda who was seated to my right. Wiping away a few tears I heard her sniffling & said to her, “Are you CRYING?”  She sniffled again & replied, Of course not. Are YOU?”

We stayed in our seats as everyone else was leaving because we just didn’t want the movie to end. We were glad we did because as the credits were rolling there was an extra funny little snippet that added even more delight to the film we’d just seen.

We left together feeling a special camaraderie & the enhanced sense of friendship you feel when you’ve shared something special with special people. We felt not only relaxed & entertained, we felt REFRESHED & there’s a lot to be said for that. Maybe, just maybe it will help us deal with our current real world of disharmony & politics.

While I’m sitting here writing all this down I can’t help wondering if somewhere there’s a mom or dad who was at The Secret Life of Pets tonight who went home, called, emailed, texted or tweeted friends & relatives about the strange group of people (were they actually adults?) they encountered at the movie when they took their kids tonight. I can’t help but think that one of them, at least, is sharing his or her concern about the fact that those same people (adults?) were wearing Star Trek clothes. Because of our age, our clothes & our BEHAVIOR (it may have seemed a bit erratic), I hope that SOMEONE is wondering, but not daring to voice that concern to anyone (texting OR tweeting) that maybe, just MAYBE those people were aliens.

If someone IS having those thoughts then our evening has had a PERFECT twist & a perfect ending. Not only did going to see The Secret Life of Pets relax, refresh & rejuvenate US, I hope our unexpected presence in Theater 6 had the very same effect on someone else. If it did, our weekend is complete …



2 Responses to “The Secret Life of Pets”

  1. Willy November 6, 2016 at 9:27 pm #

    Thanks for putting the weekend into perspective for us Linda. I have no problems seeing animated movies and one of the perks was the kids sitting in front of Beth and me were in booster seats and we had a view of the entire screen and if they laughed it was noiseless compared to us. It was an excellent movie that was easy to follow (big perk for me) and I never thought of what of others thought of us sitting there in futuristic clothing (at least I wasn’t wearing my Spock ears.
    Once again I enjoyed your blog entry … maybe you can make it into a book in the future!


    • heimdalco November 6, 2016 at 9:31 pm #

      Making my blog entries into a future book is my goal. I just don’t know how many entries I need to make a book. I guess I should call my publisher.

      It was a fun night & a wonderful get-away from just about everything that bothers / annoys us & I was grateful to get away from it all with some of our closest friends.

      I’m sure SOMEBODY in that theater thought we were weird-os … LOL
      Love U


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