Halloween Party (We were Yetis)

25 Oct

Willy & I are both cat lovers & have always had a cat since we’ve been married almost 20 years. So before our club’s Halloween Party & Costume Contest this year we weren’t surprised when, after putting on our costumes before the party, both of us ended up coughing & sneezing. We recognized the symptoms (remember … we’ve had cats, you know) even before either of us coughed up the first fur ball. Our hairy costumes were producing enough excess, dislocated hair to slide down our throats & clump in our nostrils. We were Yetis & Willy declared between hacks, “I’m going to be the first man in Amherst County to die with a Yeti hairball.”

But isn’t that the fun of Halloween, after all? Being different entities for just a little while no matter what you have to put up with?

I started thinking back about the past several years & the choices we’ve made for Halloween costumes. There’ve been many more but I tried to keep my thoughts to a minimum out of respect for my readers & for the sake of my typing fingers.

Every costume has had its uniqueness (is that even a word?).

I enjoyed being Marge to Willy’s Homer Simpson, although Willy’s Homer mask was hot & Marge’s “one size fits practically no one” pantyhose kept me in a game of tug-of-war all evening. But we looked great & it was fun being Marge. By the end of the evening I’d started kind of liking blue hair, if not necessarily the style. We actually got to wear those costumes 3 times; once to the party, again for a club video we made & a third time at “Holy Humor Sunday” at our church that eventually got our pictures in the local newspaper with an accompanying article about the church event.

While I enjoyed our Adam & Eve costumes several years ago, Willy did NOT. Not only was he self-conscious, he said he kept seeing me across the room during the party & gasping before realizing I really wasn’t actually naked. The costumes consisted of flesh-colored bodysuits & we each had a wreath made out of leaves for our heads. Willy got one leaf strategically placed on his body suit while I got three. My costume came with an apple & his came with a snake. Both had blond wigs. The costumes were pretty convincing & created a very lifelike illusion.  I thought they were fun & in some dark place in my sense of humor I thought Willy’s discomfort was just plain funny.

Last year we were squirrels & bought the most incredible costumes; squirrel suits with inflatable tails. They were difficult to get into, almost impossible to drive & ride in, & were just wonderful. We wore them twice; the second time to the delight of kids who came to our church’s Trunk or Treat. The most fun we had with those costumes, though, was when the UPS guy delivered them. Willy blew up the tails & we tried them on for the first time. All alone in the house dressed like squirrels & laughing like idiots were the very best parts for me.

We’ve enjoyed being Klingons & cave people but my most favorite costume EVER was our Sumo Wrestler suits. Huge & padded, they have probably been the most fun because they so drastically changed our appearance. Their bulk was difficult for walking, for driving & riding but they were so much fun. They came with wigs with top-knots & I drew Fu Manchu whiskers on both of us. I believe I even used a little make-up magic & gave us both a unibrow. What fun!!!

Just about all of our Halloween costumes have won prizes at our Halloween parties from Best All Around to Most Humorous & that’s been part of the fun.

The part that has been the MOST fun, though, is taking on just a bit of the persona of the characters we’re portraying. Not that we REALLY know what it might feel like to be Sumo Wrestlers or naked Adam & Eve … but the costumes help us “imagine.” And isn’t that what Halloween is all about, really? Imagination & being anyone & anyTHING we really want to be for one evening (or several if we can find a reason to wear our costumes more than once). It’s just good for one evening a year to get in touch on the most personal level with our inner child & let our imaginations go wild. I love it. We share that one evening with 25 or so of our closest friends who are doing the same thing & that’s just huge….

By the way, we won the Costume Contest again this year in the Best All Around category because we were Yetis. We also found out why Yetis are snow creatures … all that fur is hot as pure Yeti hell.

After stuffing ourselves into those incredible costumes AND stuffing ourselves into the car, I have one haunting, nerve-wracking thought every year until we arrive at our party destination & then back home at the end of the evening. I pray, “Dear God, please don’t let this be the night we get pulled over for a driver’s license check ….”

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