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We Could Use a Little Magic, Stephen King

9 Jul

A friend … someone I’ve known more than half my life … reminded me recently of a moment she & I shared a long time ago. It was a simple, but good moment & when she mentioned it I was suddenly propelled in my mind back to that specific time & incident. It was one of those unexpected “brain” experiences where I suddenly remembered where she & I were; where we were standing & what we said, to be exact, & the delight of the moment. I would like to go back & enjoy it one more time.

Our country is in turmoil. Snipers, mass shootings, hasty actions & unchecked reactions, racial tensions, slaughtered innocents, open carry, concealed carry, crazy politicians, TSA, NRA, FBI, BLM, ALM, cell phones, texting, sexting, social media, faulty air bags & exploding hover boards … it escalates daily & the end doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight. We’d rather record a moment of horror to add to our social media STATUS later than actually help defuse the situation. A friend from New Zealand said to me, “America seems to be imploding, Linda” & it scares the hell out of me that I believe he is right.

If we remember growing up in this country in what seemed to be gentler times, we’d enjoy seeing those times again. Not that those of us my age haven’t seen our share of tumultuous times in our country. Those times, as they were happening, were unbelievable … unfathomable … but they had greater space between them & weren’t an almost daily occurrence.  Right this minute those difficult times seem like a stroll in the park in comparison to just this week alone. I can’t keep up … can’t remember which horrific event happened when … it’s just too much.

I think now is the time for Stephen King to step in … step up to the plate & “write” us a portal through which we could step back to happier, less schizoid times. If anyone can pull that off, Stephen King can. I have a tremendous amount of faith in his abilities & he isn’t even a presidential candidate.

If we could all revisit our collection of happy memories with the people in our lives that we truly care about &, with Mr. King’s assistance, actually step back into those memories & relive them just one more time, what a blessing that would be. If we have a lot of those memories & a number of wonderful people to share them with AGAIN, it would probably take us a while. And isn’t that what we need, really? If we can’t stop the horror then we could certainly use some time away from it.

And while we’re gone maybe our country will “right” itself … hiccup or burp or hit the RESET button & when we return, times will be less crazy. How wonderful to come back to THAT reality after spending time with special people enjoying our most wonderful memories a second time around.

We’ve experienced the horror & could certainly use a break.  We could actually use a little magic because, sadly, that’s what it may take to stop the horrors of today & set us on a steadier course.

Can you help us, Stephen King???


I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony …………………….

a hands of peace