The Sadness & Anger of Our Times

14 Jun

I had an idea for a funny blog entry several days ago but didn’t have “writing time” until just now. God knows we could use some humor, but in light of this past weekend’s massacre in Orlando & the violent death of singer Christina Grimmie, my humor seems hollow now. I think I’ll just save that funny idea for a blog entry somewhere down the road when the sun isn’t blocked as it is on this clear & beautiful early summer day by clouds of grief, pain, anguish, anger & blame.

I would be remiss not to write something about this saddest of times while we, as a people, as a community & as a country are still struggling with the weight of yet another mass shooting. It happens so frequently now most of us have to pause for a moment to remember what the last one was.

In the days since an angry 29-year-old man walked into a gay nightclub with a military assault weapon & a 9 mm handgun & took the lives of 49 innocent people, injuring 53 more, we’ve had time to think. The media, the FBI, first responders, victims & people who safely fled the nightclub have brought the horror of that night into our living rooms, our computers & to our phones with their eye witness reports & interviews. Our president, looking worn & bone weary, reported AGAIN on yet another tragic incident. Collectively, we know the details & we feel it personally.

Because the reality of yet another horrific act of violence is almost too harsh to meet head on & absorb, we’ve taken to social media; relating our grief & our anger to those on our FRIENDS list & filling our STATUS lines with what we feel the problems are that encourage these acts to continue time & again. I did it myself … so I know.

Because we know there’s not a lot we personally CAN do at this point & we desperately want to do SOMETHING to deal with that impotency, we post our thoughts on why we think these things continue to happen, what we believe the causes are, who is to blame & what can be done to get us back to a quieter & gentler time (which seems unlikely).

In the last few days I have seen blame leveled at our president, ISIS, the NRA, lack of control of military assault weapons, the FBI, alternate life styles, a sick & twisted psychopath, parents without control over their children, lack of mental health care, the decline of religion, climate change, sun spots & fleas (well, almost). While it may not be ALL of those things, I believe that some of them are contributors. The problem is not singular … it is multi-layered.

Probably, where we are right now has involved a long & arduous trip filled with missteps & circumstances too numerous to be aware of. It’s taken a while to get here &, no doubt, it will take a while to affect positive change, if that is even a possibility.

What we DON’T need is to be closed-minded.  We, & especially the powers that be need to listen closely to opinions & consider the possibilities instead of stubbornly clinging to our own opinions while wearing blinders & ear plugs. If we, as a people & a country are going to gain any ground toward ending these violent attacks we must be open to considering opinions we may not favor & attempt to be part of the solution …

There are steps that can be taken but there are also areas about which we have no control. Perhaps if we, collectively, make those changes we are able to make by coming together & putting aside our determination that we are RIGHT … & consider that others may also be right … then we, as a nation may be able to meet those outside influences head on & be victorious.  We, admittedly, have a long way to go.

My heart continues to go out to those whose lives were lost in Orlando; to their families & friends. And to all of us who should never be afraid to go out to dinner or to a movie or to send our children & grandchildren off to school. I hope that we will be able to affect the necessary changes while most of us can still remember those previously assumed pleasures.


Accompanying art work by Tab O’Neal

tab's orlando painting





2 Responses to “The Sadness & Anger of Our Times”

  1. willy smith June 15, 2016 at 7:13 pm #

    I wish the answers were easy
    Good post Linda


    • heimdalco June 15, 2016 at 8:09 pm #

      Thank you, Willy & thank you for taking time to read this. I know how tired you’ve been


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