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Memory Hoarders

3 Aug

Three weeks ago our 25-year-old water heater took it’s final gasp, belched forth tepid water for the final time & we were forced to get a new one. That meant we had to get stuff out of the very deep closet it was in so the plumbing guy could maneuver around in there to replace it. FINALLY today we had time to go through junk that use to be treasures & toss it out so we could get the closet & laundry room back to normal; a place where clothes can be washed without the likelihood of breaking an ankle tripping over old brief cases, boxes of pictures & stacks of ancient newsletters.

I hated tossing out stuff that use to mean so much … including club newsletters from the mid-80s; examples of our talent & humor in homemade magazines that won awards back in the day.  Those creative newsletters once shouted to anyone who would take the time to read them of the personalities who put them together & somehow changed the galaxy. I would have kept most of it had there been a place to store it. We did save priceless pictures of us & our friends when we were thinner, younger & maybe even funnier, but never more creative.

As I tossed stuff in a huge garbage bag I realized it was only reminders.  The “life” of that stuff will live forever in our heads.  But I still told Willy it was the end of an era. He said it was our lives but we tossed it anyway.

We don’t want to become hoarders…..