Our Hunger Games Saga

1 Mar

In November we planned a wonderful evening out with a couple we are very close with to celebrate her birthday. It had been in the planning stages for about a month; dinner out at Logan’s Roadhouse, followed by a movie – Hunger Games. We were looking forward to the night out & the celebration, but here is how it ACTUALLY went:

Willy & I had recently been to TEXAS Roadhouse & somehow in my brain (they say this happens as we age) by the time we were in the car & headed for the restaurant, TEXAS Roadhouse just popped up in that “restaurant place” where LOGAN’S had previously been. Subconsciously, LOGAN’S had apparently been dumped into those dark recesses where things get lost as we get older. I wonder what else is in there.

And so it was on that frigid November evening that we found the last remaining parking place at TEXAS Roadhouse & made our way into the restaurant. The greeter girl (who bore not even a slight resemblance to the greeters found stationed at the entrances of WalMarts world-wide) asked if we were a party of two. We told her we were waiting for another couple. Since the restaurant was VERY busy she suggested we go ahead & be seated & promised she would point Peter & Beth in our direction when they arrived. We took our seats together on the same side of the booth – saving the other large seat across from us for our friends.

The waitress came & asked if we’d like drinks & an appetizer. We told her we were waiting for another couple but decided, since Peter & Beth are seldom late, to go ahead & do that. Shortly the drinks & appetizer arrived but Peter & Beth did NOT. Willy went to the entrance to see if they’d arrived & were perhaps waiting for us at the door. They hadn’t & weren’t but while Willy was gone I called Peter on his cell phone. He answered immediately & asked where we were. I told him we were in a booth & asked where they were. He said they were in the bar waiting for us. We hung up just as Willy arrived back at our booth.

Willy said he would go get Peter & Beth in the bar & would be right back. He came back after a while…alone. He said Peter & Beth were not in the bar. We both stood up & looked around, believing in the depths of our hearts that we would see them making their way towards us, smiling, with drinks in hand. We did NOT. At just that moment of confusion my cell phone rang. It was Peter. Where are you guys?” he asked & I told him.

In the meantime a couple had been seated in the booth next to us. They, like we, sat on the same side of the booth as though waiting for friends. I noticed that the woman began making phone calls while her husband began taking small trips about the restaurant, much the same as Willy had. In between his trips the couple seemed to be having a confused discussion. I deduced this because I recognized expressions on their faces that I’d recently been aware of on ours.

Getting back to Peter on the phone, I gave him a very clear answer to his question about where we were, including the name of the restaurant, which was NOT the roadhouse where he & Beth were. They were at LOGAN’S Roadhouse having drinks & an appetizer while waiting for us but we were at TEXAS Roadhouse. At that very moment, considering TEXAS, it seemed as though we actually WERE several states apart rather than just a mile down the road.  Since we both had appetizers & drinks, we decided to stay at our respective restaurants & ended up having a bit of dinner conversation on our cell phones. Not ideal, but after a while, it seemed to work.

Meanwhile, I couldn’t help myself & just had to ask the couple in the booth next to us at TEXAS Roadhouse if they were waiting for friends. With a voice filled with frustration the woman told us they were waiting for friends who, ironically, had gone to the wrong restaurant & were also at LOGAN’S Roadhouse. We had a nice chat & a few laughs with the other misplaced couple, Willy commented that this probably happened more often than suspected & we decided we hoped their friends had somehow found our friends & were having a pleasant meal together. Although that didn’t happen, it would have made a terrific story.

After dinner we met Peter & Beth at Regal Cinemas, had a good laugh about the earlier dinner confusion (which turned out to be my fault … remember those dark recesses in my brain?) & we gave Beth her birthday gift.

We got our tickets & went to see Hunger Games.

The theater was almost completely sold out & there weren’t four seats together. So Beth & I sat together & Peter & Willy sat behind us. Separated one more time on this birthday evening that was starting to seem like an episode of Twilight Zone with just a hint of Groundhog Day tip-toeing around the fringes, we made the best of our seating arrangements & actually enjoyed the movie, although sharing popcorn seemed like a chore & just didn’t happen.

After the movie we went for coffee & had a wonderful time. We sat together in MacDonald’s & talked about all the things we probably would have talked about at dinner. By the time we left, the MacDonald’s staff was sweeping the floors & looking at their watches.

In the end I realized I’ve had evenings that went without a hitch that weren’t as much fun as this one &, while I can’t remember most of them, I won’t forget our night out at the ROADHOUSE celebrating Beth’s birthday. She seemed to have a happy, albeit unique one &, in the end, we enjoyed sharing it with her & Peter … kind of.



4 Responses to “Our Hunger Games Saga”

  1. Leslie Miller March 2, 2014 at 2:42 am #

    Too funny Linda, and you’re right, even though things didn’t “go as planned”, you guys will never forget Beth’s Birthday at the “Roadhouse”. Thanks for a good laugh..love u


    • heimdalco March 2, 2014 at 2:48 am #

      Thanks for reading … again, Leslie. Love you, too …


  2. Willy S. March 3, 2014 at 1:38 am #

    I was there and it wasn’t funny or glamorous. I kept thinking that we were taking up the space needed for a family of 4 who was sitting out front with buzzers in their hands, waiting for a table … starving because of us. How could we walk past them now that flies had started to land on their children’s eyes? We ran.
    The coffee time spent with our friends after everything was much better than the steak or the movie.


    • heimdalco March 3, 2014 at 3:08 am #

      … and you were THERE … LOL. We all have to admit we won’t soon forget Beth’s birthday …


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