Cabin Fever

29 Jan

I’m not much of a January person. The holidays are behind us & there’s not much to look forward to until Valentine’s Day. It’s sort of one of those month’s that, when you think about it, just sort of stretches out in front of us endlessly with no prediction of what’s going to happen . It’s hard to even speculate because the weather is so unpredictable.

This January has been especially difficult & if you’re prone to “Cabin Fever” (not to be confused with Saturday Night Fever, although you can probably get that, too, while you’re locked up in a cabin … that & the norovirus) it’s probably gotten to you like it has gotten to me. What has made THIS January memorable & has given me the worst case of Cabin Fever I’ve had since January 1995 when we were plagued with blizzards & forced to hibernate for days on end, has been the temperatures. We’ve had record breaking low temps in the single digits, frozen pipes, worthless batteries, unbelievable electric bills, frozen nose hairs when we step outside for just a minute & a simple, on-going desire to stay inside.

When it’s really cold I tend to make homemade soup. This year so far we’ve had vegetable soup several times, potato soup, bean with bacon soup, chowder, onion soup, tomato & rice soup & bulging bladders. You just can’t eat that much soup without bladder repercussions & we’ve been walking around looking like Pillsbury Dough People for weeks. And I’m not sure we’ve been any warmer … except maybe in the bladder region.

I enjoy “snow cooking” much more than “cold weather cooking.” When it snows, I like to bake – cakes, cookies, chocolate pie, lemon meringue pie & banana pudding but this January Mother Nature has cheated us out of snow &, as a result, a lot of baked goods. I know that our friends up north & even those farther south would gladly forfeit some of their tons & heaps & mounds of snow to us if they could. It’s snowed all AROUND us but not ON us.

Mother Nature has graced us with a “dusting” of snow that melted & refroze so many times it hardly resembled snow by the time it finally turned into a trickle & headed down the storm drains. MN (Mother Nature), in a pure moment of rude, actually SPAT snow on us a number of times; “It’s spitting snow.” If we must endure these frigid temperatures I believe most of us would prefer that MN just go ahead & “take a dump” on us & to hell with impropriety.  A good snow never hurt any of us & it’s kind of nice to watch it falling … unless you have to drive in it or work in it.

The people in the hot seat who eventually get blamed for everything from weather miscalculations to fleas are the weather men & women who predict our weather with an occasional direct hit of accuracy. This year, so far, has been exceptionally brutal for them. Because of the faith we seem to have bestowed in their powers of prediction, so far this year schools & business have closed the night before a predicted“first significant snowfall of the season”   that never happened. Huge pink blocks of color have reared their ugly heads on weather predicting maps only to make an unexpected color change just as snow was supposed to hit our area. (I think that’s called “Chameleon Calculations.”) In a recent moment of frustration, the “Weather at Noon” guy said, “It will either snow or it won’t.” Finally … a weather report that was “right on” & it didn’t, but once again it DID everywhere around us.

One of my friends on Facebook said in her status, “Here I am at my new job as a meteorologist” & the accompanying picture was a palm reader consulting her crystal ball. I thought it was an “LOL status” but I’ll bet our local meteorologists didn’t. They DO get a bad rep …

While our local weather guys may be responsible for making a wrong call sometimes (frequently, lately), I can’t blame them for my Cabin Fever. I think that’s some internal thing that has something to do with meridians & longitude & latitude & sun spots & maybe brain freeze & “the five second rule.” Whatever, it’s not because I don’t have stuff to do … I’m busy ALL the time … the cold & drearies just make me not want to do it. My mind is filled with the memory of spring & the smell of early flowers & walking to the mailbox barefoot wearing shorts & a t-shirt.

So on this dreary day when MN has been spitting on us & meteorological constipation has prevented her once again from “dumping” on us, as I’m shoving another over-sized log into the wood stove, I can’t actually blame the meteorologists. It’s not their fault that this time of year gives me Cabin Fever or that the snow that would give us a much needed, cleansing change of scenery has fallen again everywhere but here. But you know what? In my frustration, I AM blaming them for fleas.



 Me on our deck in my cat hat enjoying our only “dusting” so far this year




5 Responses to “Cabin Fever”

  1. Anthony Moshonas January 29, 2014 at 12:28 am #

    Lol Lol……I think you got more of a “dusting” than I did……..However the cold has
    given me “Cabin Fever” too…..Lol ….I will just keep waiting for warmer weather and
    try to stay warm until then……..(Sigh).
    I hope you will stay warm and make it through the cold days without getting a worse case of
    the “Fever” ….and wish the same for me too …OK? Take care and stay warm 🙂


    • heimdalco January 29, 2014 at 12:33 am #

      Thanks, Tony. It was probably too soon for me to do another blog entry but this was exactly how I was feeling today. And my nose hairs did get all stiff when I went to the mailbox …


      • Anthony Moshonas January 29, 2014 at 12:50 am #

        I understand Linda….. as long as that’s all that froze …Lol :)…. Stay warm and I feel your pain or cold 🙂 Lol


  2. monkeys22013 January 29, 2014 at 2:40 am #

    I must have some type of cabin fever as well Linda, lots to do just don’t feel like doing have a funnier way of putting it though. I wish MN would dump a big ole pile on us, love watching the snow. Hey why does your blog say Jan 29th? It’s the 28th today, have you lost track of time in your cabin? lol


    • heimdalco January 29, 2014 at 2:59 am #

      The date is added automatically so I don’t know why it says tomorrow.

      Here in the cabin it’s nice & toasty but it recently started snowing. Weather guys says it’s going to be OK tomorrow. Who knows … some if our worst snowstorms were only suppose to be dustings .Willy has to be at work at 5 a.m. so maybe something is actually coming our way. I’ve already got stuff to bake … LOL


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