Exchanging It: The Day after Christmas

26 Dec

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We did … with family & just spending time at home together. This was the very first Christmas Eve that we haven’t gone somewhere &, while we always enjoy getting together with friends & family, it was nice to stay home. We wrapped those last few gifts & enjoyed the family room by the fire saying we were going to watch all those TV shows we’ve recorded but never had time to watch. Instead, we just dozed off. Even the cat stayed stretched out on the floor in front of the fire. I’m sorry it’s over.

So today Willy is back at work, I’m attempting to get stuff put away from under the tree & the cat is still stretched out in front of the fire.

I don’t have even one present that needs exchanging but if I did, NO WAY would I jump into that EXCHANGING FRENZY that’s likely going on at the mall right now. Even if I HAD something to exchange, I wouldn’t be in the middle of that mall madness. I don’t believe in taking my life into my own hands because a pair of shoes is the wrong color or because I received a pair of “dainties” 3 sizes too big … which I didn’t.

It’s like Black Friday … there’s NO WAY I’d jump into that buying frenzy. Every year we hear of people getting injured, getting trampled or ending up in physical altercations with other people because one got the last $2000 TV that, for that day only, was on sale for a buck fifty. It’s just not worth it to me to risk life, limbs, eye jabs & nostril lacerations for that when there really are only 6 of those discounted TVs available … which is what they DON’T tell you in the pre-sale advertisements.

But I do know people who LOVE Black Friday & love getting into the “Exchange Wars” the day after Christmas because stuff at the stores (what’s left) is reduced even more than it was on Black Friday. Somehow, getting a deal is the most important thing.

I wonder how we got this way … people camping out in tents for days in sub-zero temperatures waiting for Black Friday or waiting to exchange something they got but never really wanted. What happened to the days when we got stuff & were pleased to have gotten it – pleased to have been remembered?

Every time I see people on the “News at Six” fighting & clawing to be first through the doors at WalMart or Best Buy on Black Friday or the day after Christmas fighting to be first in line at the exchange counter I remember a simpler time; Christmases when we were so fortunate to be together as a family & so happy with the presents we got, even if we sometimes didn’t get something we wanted. I think something is truly lost with the way things are now & because of that, I just avoid those occasions when people go nuts & attempt to rip each other apart for a discounted blender or boots made in China.

Today I am happy … almost serene … to be here at home, looking at the gifts I received yesterday while wondering where I’m going to put them. And I’m thankful that where to put them is my only concern.

My heart goes out to those people involved in the after Christmas frenzy at the malls today, even if that’s where they want to be. My heart also goes out to my nurse sisters & brothers manning emergency rooms today & tonight who will be attempting to treat severed ears & limbs & to remove portions of store displays & left over Christmas decorations from orifices violated in today’s Exchange Frenzy.






2 Responses to “Exchanging It: The Day after Christmas”

  1. monkeys22013 December 26, 2013 at 11:56 pm #

    Linda, you are so funny


    • heimdalco December 27, 2013 at 12:10 am #

      Thanks, Leslie … & thanks for “following” my blog. See you soon …


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